5 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas


Wedding reception activities typically include dinner and dancing - but if you want to give your guests additional options, there are lots of unique (and still wedding-appropriate) entertainment ideas to choose from! Check out some of our favorite reception entertainment ideas for your wedding celebration.

Photo Booth: A perennial favorite, but an activity that guests always enjoy. To step a bit out of the box, video booths and slow-motion booths are also growing in popularity.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas
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Lawn Games: Croquet, corn hole, badminton and more! Outdoor games provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere for a casual wedding celebration.

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Written Games: A word search or Mad Libs-style game can be a fun addition to a ceremony program or place setting. Guests can enjoy the silly, personalized games in between courses or while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

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Board Games: Scrabble, jenga and other board games can be a great way for guests to interact during the reception. Set up a games station for everyone to enjoy!

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Pinata: Hosting a destination or beach wedding? A pinata is so festive for guests of all ages. Plus, the sweet treats can serve as your favors!

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