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6 Creative Ceremony Recessional Ideas


Save the sparklers for the nighttime! After you share your first kiss as a married couple, you'll want to celebrate as you walk back up the aisle. Of course, festive musical selections help, but getting your guests involved is even more fun. Check out some of our favorite recessional ideas.

Classic Confetti
It's festive, fun and creates a super-colorful photo op!

Confetti Recessional
Photo by Julie Saad Photography

Blowing Bubbles
Perfect for a whimsical outdoor garden wedding - and the kids in your wedding party will love it!

Bubbles Recessional
Photo by Jodi Miller Photography

Tossing Flowers
Tossing rose petals is the ultimate classic recessional activity, but try a different flower, like mums, to brighten things up.

Flower Cones
Photo by onelove photography

Waving Flags
So cute (and patriotic) for a Fourth of July wedding!

American Flag Recessional
Photo by Shannon Cronin Photography

Lovely Lavender
Another idea for an outdoor wedding - ask your guests to toss lavender seeds as you exit your ceremony. And - bonus! - it's good for the environment.

Photo by Annie Hosfeld Photography

Ribbon Wands
Give your guests colorful ribbon wands to wave. It's a fun DIY project too!

Ribbon Wands
Photo by Crystal Satriano Photography

Looking for send-off ideas for the end of the night? Click here for more great suggestions!

Last Updated: February 2, 2014 at 5:49 pm
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