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8 Groomsmen Portrait Ideas


Chances are, your groomsmen are not accustomed to taking formal portraits on the regular. So try to keep things relatively natural and easy for them when it comes to taking pictures. Here are a few of our favorite “poses” for groomsmen shots.

The Classic

The most traditional of the groomsmen poses, your guys stand in a row or, if there are more than five or six of them, in two rows, hands in pockets. It's so GQ.

Groomsmen Portrait Ideas
Photo by Sherri J Photography

The "We're All Friends Here"

Hopefully, all of your groomsmen are pretty close - and even if they aren't, at least they can act like it by putting their arms over each other's shoulders, frat brother style.

Groomsmen Photo Ideas
Photo by Maxwell Monty Photography

The "Just Taking a Stroll"

Fact: People look more natural in photos if they're in motion. So, tell your groom and groomsmen to take a walk together. Their faces will look much more relaxed, you'll see!

Photo by Melvin Gilbert Photography

The Seated Pose

Your groomsmen may feel more comfortable posing while sitting down. And here's a bonus: these portraits will show off those cute socks!

Photo by Petula Pea Photography

The Groom in Front

It's the groom's special day, so give him some pride of place by having him stand a few steps ahead of the rest of his best buds. This is a particularly nice pose if all of the guys are dressed fairly similarly.

Photo by William Innes Photography

The "Do Something Funny"

Of course, you'll need to take some more traditional portraits, too, but if it helps your guys loosen up, let them have some fun with their portraits. Add props like sunglasses if you'd like!

Photo by Steven and Lily Photography

The Jumping for Joy

If you can get your groomsmen to try it, it's pretty cool to have a shot of them in midair!

Photo by Wren Photography

The Fingerstaches

Need we say more?

Photo by Weston Neuschafer Photography

Looking for more groomsmen attire ideas? Check out our Fashion Editor's board for even more men's attire inspiration!


Last Updated: October 20, 2014 at 12:53 pm
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