Why You Should Do A First Look


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The “first look” – a pre-ceremony peek between the bride and groom, accompanied by a photo session – is a rapidly growing trend on the wedding scene. Whether to go with this option is a personal decision for each couple, with factors like superstition, tradition and logistics weighing on either side. While it’s not for everyone, most couples who went for it say they don’t regret it. For those on the fence, there are a few major benefits to consider. Here are our three top reasons to do a first look:

1. It’s an intimate moment
The first time a bride and groom see one another on their wedding day is a special moment many look forward to and cherish forever afterward. Seeing each other before the ceremony provides a unique opportunity for a couple to share the romantic, exciting and often emotional experience privately. And with a jam-packed itinerary ahead and the hundreds of friends, family members and strangers soon to gather around them, it’s likely to be the only alone time they’ll get on their big day. When the whirlwind is over, most couples say they’re glad they took the chance to enjoy a special, intimate moment with just the two of them.

2. It makes sense from a scheduling perspective
One of the biggest benefits of opting for a first look is there’s no need to squeeze a rushed photo shoot between the ceremony and reception. Capturing nice images of the bride and groom and their family members, bridesmaids and groomsmen in various combinations takes time, and cramming the process into a 15 minute time slot could mean a lesser quality result. Taking these photos beforehand gives the photographer ample time to get plenty of beautiful, creative shots. Everyone will be more relaxed (key to looking great in photos!), the ladies’ hair and makeup will be fresh, and the couple will be left with a much wider selection of portraits to choose from in the end. Plus, guests won’t be stuck in that awkward post-ceremony lull waiting around for the party to begin! Win, win.

3. It calms pre-ceremony nerves
Needless to say, experiencing any major life-changing moment before hundreds of eyes can be nerve-wracking. An overwhelming majority of couples who opted for a first look say that seeing their spouse-to-be before the ceremony had a dramatic calming effect. Going into the ceremony at ease and collected allows the bride and groom to be completely present in the moment and enjoy every second of it. After all, a wedding is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, especially the guests of honor! 

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