Cake Baker's Secrets: Favorite Flavor Combinations


Photo: I Am Baker

Have you ever wondered what cake baker's favorite flavor combinations are? Well, we asked, and they shared:

Maggie Austin Cake - Washington, DC

  • Vietnamese cinnamon and chocolate cake with hazelnut praliné and cappuccino buttercream
  • Vanilla and sour cream cake with peach apricot preserves and milk chocolate Earl Grey buttercream
  • Double chocolate cake with salted caramel and Bailey’s buttercream
  • Pear cake with blackberry and white chocolate buttercream

City Sweets & Confections - New York, NY

  • Champagne and three berry
  • Lemon and passion fruit
  • Wild strawberry with vanilla bean mascarpone

Erica OBrien Cake Design - Hamden, CT

  • Vanilla cake with passion fruit buttercream
  • Lemon zest cake with raspberry buttercream

Lael Cakes - Brooklyn,  NY

  • Lemon drop cake filled with strawberry basil icing
  • Ginger cake filled with lemon curd and blood orange icing
  • Vanilla bean cake filled with lavender rosemary icing
  • Chocolate cake filled with mocha filling layered with fresh raspberries
  • Chocolate cake layered with sweet and salty caramel pecan filling

Sweet and Saucy Shop - Long Beach/Newport, CF 

  • Vanilla cake with coconut cream cheese frosting and passion fruit cream
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, whipped cream and fresh strawberries
  • Vanilla cake with peanut butter frosting, chocolate ganache filling and salted caramel drizzle

AK Cake Design - Portland, OR

  • Red velvet cake with white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream
  • Rich chocolate butter cake with caramel Swiss meringue buttercream
Last Updated: September 18, 2014 at 12:12 am
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