Dessert Display Basics


Photo: 2 + Hue Designs

Dessert displays have been popping up at wedding receptions for some time now, and who can't resist them? They're full of eye candy, literally. Whether you want one in addition or in lieu of a cake, here are five basics you should know: 

Variety - Choose a variety of desserts! The options are endless -- cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, tarts, pies, macarons, etc. 

Differing Heights - Arrange desserts on platters, stands, candelabras, or chandeliers (pictured below) to create a more compelling visual for guests.

Grouping - Group similar desserts together, so nothing gets mix or matched. 

Put A Name On It In case any guests have food allergies, place name cards next to each dessert describing what it is and what it has in it.

Decorate - Add banners to invite guests to dig in like "Love is Sweet!" 

Photo: 2 + Hue Designs

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