The Great Cake Debate: Sugar vs. Fresh Flowers


This has been the great cake debate for years now -- sugar vs. fresh flowers. What are the pros and cons? Ultimately, both provide a wow factor, but we'll let you decide based on our detailed breakdown: 

Photos (from left to right): Jenna Rae Cakes 

Sugar Flowers


  • Edible
  • Pesticide-free
  • Available despite the season
  • Wilt-free
  • Since most are made from gum paste, they can be saved as keepsakes
  • Fragrance-free 


  • More labor extensive 
  • Custom-made into the exact shape, size, and color may mean more costly
  • Susceptible to breakages 

Photos (from left to right): Sweet & Suacy Shop 

Fresh Flowers


  • Less labor extensive
  • Budet-savvy, which means you have more freedom to spend on your cake budget (i.e. adding a tier, filling, flavor) 
  • Fragrant 


  • Not edible
  • Must be pesticide-free and santizied properly
  • Depending on the season, only certain flowers will be available, unless imported
  • After being cut from the stem, will wilt quickly
  • Will have to put your cake baker and florist in contact with each other to coordinate 
  • May change the taste of the cake

For more inspiration, check out our floral wedding cakes board. 

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