Wedding Cake Design Trends for 2014


With 2014 fast approaching, we've been scoping out the latest wedding cake trends. Here are the delicious details: 

Ombre - This cake captures all the drama with symmetric ruffled fondant frills that begin in an ivory white and descend into a rich coral. 

Photo: Katelyn James Photography

Lace Doilies - Create a 3-D effect on your modern wedding cake with delicate lace doiliy shapes. 

Photo: Orange Turtle Photography

Signature Monogram - Update the classic monogram with an embossed lettered plague. 

Photo: Sweet & Saucy Shop

Nature-InspiredGo green! For those outdoor-lovers having a rustic wedding, choose a design that resembles tree bark. 

Photo: Glass Jar Photography

Pancakes - Don't like frosting? Stack your favorite fluffy flapjacks and top with syrup and powdered sugar. 

Photo: Jessica Lorren Organic Photography

Cheese - Brie, gouda, asagio, parmesan, and swiss, the options are endless for a vineyard wedding. Don't forget to pair with wine! 

Photo: © 2012 Ann-Kathrin Koch Photography

Fresh Fruit - Summer is filled with seasonal fruits such as blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and cherries that will make your guests' mouth's water.

Photo: Alders Photography

Words of Wisdom - As a couple, pick words that are meangingful to your relationship and have them hand-painted onto your cake. 

Photo: Sweet & Saucy Shop 

Textured Blooms - Instead of fresh flowers, consider textured fondant flowers. They're just as realistic-looking.  

Photo: Jenna Rae Cakes

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