10 Ways to Use Ribbon in Your Wedding Decor


Photo: Anna Delores Photography

Decorating with ribbon is a simple, inexpensive way to make your wedding day beautiful. Here are some great ways to use ribbon in all aspects of your wedding decor, from the aisle to the dance floor!

1. Tree Decor

Photos (from left): KT Merry, Matt Edge

Tie colorful ribbon streamers onto tree branches and let them flutter in the breeze!

2. Ribbon Wands

Photos (from left): Caroline Joy, Abi Q Photography

Create fun, whimsical ribbon wands for your wedding party to carry in lieu of bouquets or for wedding guests to wave during send-off.

3. Bouquet Ribbons

Photos (from left): Kristyn Hogan, Kate Osborne

Add a little extra loveliness to your bridal bouquet by wrapping the stems with a pretty trail of ribbon. 

4. Aisle Markers

Photo: Our Labor of Love Photography

Place a stake of satin streamers at the end of each ceremony seating row for a decorative aisle.

5. Altar Decor

Photos (from left): Nancy Ray Photography, Our Labor of Love Photography

Drape a curtain of ribbons across your altar for a gorgeous backdrop for exchanging vows.

6. Table Bunting

Photos (from left): Anna Delores Photography, Joielala Photographie

Adorn buffet tables and beverage stations with colorful, textured ribbon garland.

7. Tent Draping

Photo: Rick Bern Photography

String long, broad strands of ribbon between tent poles for fabulous ceiling decor and a great splash of color!

8. Chair Decor

Photos (from left): Matt Edge, onelove Photography

Dress up your wedding seating by streaming or weaving ribbons along the backs of chairs.

9. Table Runners

Photos (from left): Buzzy Craftery, Rick Bern Photography

Run wide bands of ribbons along the center of banquet tables for a unique alternative to traditional linens.

10. Ribbon Chandeliers

Photos (from left): Joielala Photography, Zipporah K Photography

Choose ribbons that match your wedding palette and attach them to wire fixtures to hang above reception tables or over the dance floor.

Head over to the Ribbon Decor board for tons of inspiration!

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