11 Clever Seating Arrangements


Innovative ways for you and your guests to dine and drink the night away!

1. Intimate Family Dinner

intimate dinner table

Photo by Jodi Miller Photography

If your wedding guests are strictly family and close friends, opt for a cozier seating arrangement so it feels just like a classic family dinner. 

2. Squared Seating

square seating

Photo by Happy Confetti Photography

These square-shaped tables can fit 9 people comfortably around it. This set-up allows everyone at the table to easily interact, no shouting required.

3. Cafeteria-Style Dining

cafeteria style

Photo by Andi Mans Photography

Throwback to your high school days with this arrangement. Interacting with guests just became easier with this back to back set-up.

4.  Raised Platform

raised platform

Photo by Meg Perotti Photography

Place your table a step up from your guests so all eyes stay glued to you. It's also a great place for your best pals to give their toasts. 

5. U-Shaped Table


Photo by Julie Cate Photography

If you're being somewhat selective about your wedding guests, opt for a u-shaped arrangement, with chairs on either side. This gives people space to easily mingle with others.

6. Round Arrangement

round tables

Photo by Jodi Miller Photography

A classic choice for many couples, seating people around a table gives people a more personal and intimate experience with other guests. 

7. A Long, Rectangular Table

long rectangular table

Photo by Weston Neuschafer Photography

Crowding around one big table after the ceremony will make everyone feel more connected to one another. Go with family-style serving to match the lay-out. 

8. Dining Room Tables

dining room tables

Photo by Viera Photographics

Want an intimate dinner for a few hundred people? By setting up tables of 8-10 guests, everyone can have the family dinner experience without feeling overwhelmed. 

9. Mix and Match

mix and match

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

Give guests the communal dining feeling with longer tables, but go for a u shape for your wedding party and close family.

 10. Backyard Seating

multiple u shape

Photo by Landon Jacob Photography

If you've got a few hundred people and very limited space, try multiple u-shaped arrangments beside one another to create a community feel while avoiding overcrowding. 

11. Romantic Private Dinner

candlight dinner

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

Whether it's strictly close family, or you just want to stand out from the crowd, this private arrangement is perfect for the couple craving rustic intimacy. 

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