9 Fresh Burlap Decor Ideas


This inexpensive material is more versatile than you think. 

By: Sarah Zlotnick 

1. Ring Pillow

burlap ring pillow

A simple, rustic way for the ring bearer to present the rings. View this rustic country wedding

2. Centerpiece Cover 

yellow burlap centerpiece

Save on renting vases and other flower vessels by using old tins and covering them in burlap instead. View this yellow garden wedding

3. Silverware Holder 

burlap silverware holder

A simple burlap packet holds the silverware for Heather and David's charming Annapolis nuptials.

4.  Bouquet Wrap 

burlap bouquet wrap

A strip of sturdy burlap will hold all your flowers in place—and look sweet while doing it! View this rustic whimsical California wedding

5. Favor Bags 

burlap bag

You could hide any kind of sweet treat in one of these adorable burlap sacks. View this fun fall wedding

6. Bunting 

burlap wedding sign

We love this simple wedding sign. View this Texas ranch wedding

7. Candle Accent 

burlap candle cover

A mossy green candle collection gets a little texture from a simple burlap wrap. View this country chic wedding

8. Table Number 

Such a sweetly country table marker. Burlap wine bag table numbers, $150 for 10 at Lil Missi Etsy Shop

9. Table Runner 

burlap table runner

Thinking about using a burlap table runner? Be sure to strech and distress the fabric a bit before you lay it down. This creates dimension by allowing some of your tablecloth color to peek through. It also gives the fabric a little more grip. 

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Last Updated: August 21, 2014 at 3:51 pm
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