Top 10 Beach Wedding Decor Ideas


Photo by Erin Hearts Court

Planning a beach wedding? Here are our 10 favorite ideas for setting the perfect seaside scene!

1. Palm Fronds

Photos by (from left): Lexia Frank, Luminaire Foto

Use fresh green palm leaves for centerpieces, altar accents, aisle markers, table name it! 

2. Driftwood 

Photos by (from left): Comfort Studio, Millie Holloman

Get creative with your tablescapes and stationery displays by incorporating natural seaside elements. 

3. Starfish

Photos by (from left): Erin Hearts Court, Patrick Moyer

Stay subtle with small starfish accents or go all out with a festive display! 

4. Floor Cushions

Photos by (from left): Jose Villa, Stewart Leishman

Picnic-style cocktail lounges or dining tables are perfect for couples who want a relaxed, intimate setting. 

5. Glass Bottles

Photos by (from left): Chelsey Boatwright, Closer to Love Photography

Arrange pretty sea glass bottles in different shapes, sizes and styles for a charming vintage look. 

6. Bamboo

Photos by (from left): Emily Blake, Taylor Lord

Use bamboo poles to design a chic seaside chuppa or a creative statement centerpiece! 

7. Chair Leis

Photos by (from left): Wendy Laurel, Sweet Little Photographs

Add a tropical touch to your ceremony seating or dinner setting with bright floral leis.

8. Lanterns

Photos by: KT Merry

Fill giant lanterns with candles, flowers, seashells or other decorative elements for a nautical touch.

9. Seashells

Photos by (from left): Joielala Photographie, Samuel Lippke

Create the perfect oceanside tablescape using conch shells, urchin shells and coral pieces.

10. Air Plants

Photos by (from left): Ben Q Photography, KT Merry

These fun, exotic accents are perfect for eco-friendly beach weddings!

For more beach wedding inspiration, be sure to check out our Beach Wedding Decor board!

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