DIY: A Garden Cut Bouquet

Photos By: Chelsea Fuss
Save money by cutting your own flower bouquet! There are many cutting gardens and flower farms across the U.S. that will allow you to come and cut your own flowers for a small fee.
Heading over to a cutting garden is a fun activity to do with your bridesmaids the day before the wedding!
Here are a few tips and a recipe for a bouquet.
Plan to cut the flowers early in the morning on the day before your wedding. Bring buckets so you can put the flowers in water right away. Once home, let the blooms sit in the water for an hour or so, in a cool place.
Re-cut the stems and put them in fresh water. Let them sit another hour before arranging. Arrange the bouquets that day, then store in a cool, dark place overnight, in vases with plenty of water.
Be open to color schemes and different flower varieties. Making your wedding bouquet this way, means you are subject to whatever flowers are in bloom that week. Flower selections can change day to day based on the weather.
If you're sourcing your flowers this way, keep the other elements of your wedding like bridesmaid dresses, tablecloths and other decorations fairly neutral so that you have the flexibility to use whatever color flowers are in season.
Visit the cutting garden a few months and then a few weeks before your wedding to get an idea of the selection. Make sure the farm will be able to handle the volume needed.

Cutting Garden Bouquet Flower Recipe:
1 large multi petaled aster
5 small zinnias
4 stems of mini marigolds "orange jem"
3 stems of coreopsis
2 stems of rudebeckia
3 stems of dill
2 stems of sweet pea
3 stems of button asters
2 stems of white cosmos

Step One:
Remove leaves from the bottom half of the flowers.
Step Two:
Start with a few of the coreopsis stems and let their natural arch help create the shape of your bouquet. Keep the heavier flowers like the large aster at the bottom of the bouquet. Turn the bouquet to the right each time you add a flower and keep the bouquet secure in one hand as you arrange it.
Step Three:
Secure the bouquet with twine. Check for anything that you'd like to change or add, then secure it again. Tie it off with a bright ribbon for a finishing touch!
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