DIY: Accordion Pinwheel Cake Top

Project By: Victoria Hudgins
Photos By: Pictilio
Make a celebratory statement by topping your wedding cake and desserts with these bright and festive pinwheels. Make them large or small, individually or in mass to design a colorful element that fits your day perfectly.
Make the pinwheel cake toppers by using origami paper (or thin scrapbook paper cut into squares)- each pinwheel uses three squares.
Step One:
Accordion fold the paper squares back and forth, then fold each section in half and crease.
Step Two:
Combine three sections together to create a round. Glue the outside edges together to connect.
Step Three:
Turn the pinwheel over and glue a wooden skewer to the backside of each. Let dry.
Step Four:
Top cakes, pies, and desserts with the pretty toppers!
Last Updated: May 23, 2015 at 11:29 am
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