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DIY: Colorful Fruit Gem Cake

Perfect for an informal summer wedding, this DIY uses just two easy-to-find ingredients!
Projec By: Erica OBrien
Photos By: Val McCormick 
What You'll Need:
One package (or more, depending on size of cake) Sunkist Fruit Gems, sharp knife, food-use only paintbrush, corn syrup.
Step One:
Open packaging and sort fruit gems.
Step Two:
Holding fruit gem on flat side, carefully slice in half horizontally as evenly as possible. 
Step Two (cont). 
The inside will be very sticky.
Step Three:
Arrange fruit gems cut-side up and allow to dry until less sticky and easier to handle.
Step Four:
Dip paintbrush in corn syrup and brush on cut side of fruit gem.
Step Five:
Press gently onto side of cake. Hold in place for a moment.
Step Six:
Arrange fruit gems on cake until desired pattern is achieved.
Last Updated: August 1, 2015 at 7:46 pm
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