DIY: Colorful Soda and Popcorn Table


Styling and Photos By: Katelin Gallagher

I dreamt up this table as inspiration for a cute and casual wedding reception, party, or shower. IZZE sodas are already colorful and fun, the rest followed from there.

Clementine & Ruby Palette:
The sparkling clementine and blackberry flavors have such a nice bright color to them (and are yummy and refreshing too)!
I liked the way the colors complemented one another.
Herb Popcorn:
Keeping with a laid-back vibe, herb popcorn seemed like the perfect snack! I found packs of small, colorful paper bags at Michael's to serve the popcorn in.
Love More:
I glued handwritten tags that said 'Love' on the orange bags. The red bags said 'More.'
Patterned Fabric:
With the soda bottles in mind, I traipsed out to the fabric store to find the perfect pattern that would tie it all together.
Dynamic Layering:
To make the colored groupings of soda bottles and popcorn bags stand out, I layered contrasting fabric pieces.
The table was embellished with ruby matsumoto asters and moon carnations.
Seeded Eucalyptus:
A vase of simple greenery added an organic feel without adding busy-ness. Seeded eucalyptus is one of my favorites! If you work with this plant specifically, you have to shove it deep into the vase- or else the branches easily splay all over the place. It looks really neat to see the bend in the vine thru the glass....
Old-Fashioned Buttercream Cake:
This circle layer cake was a DIY endeavor. With limited baking experience, I just watched a few youtube videos for tips and it turned out pretty well. (This one was super helpful)!
Simple Asters:
Even a single flower can add a little something to a décor concept. When arranging flowers, I assess all the florals and greenery and all the vases that I have (big and small). Then I make sure every last bit is used up!
This tabletop project didn't take much time at all. The most time-intensive part was the cake. Enjoy!


Last Updated: November 5, 2014 at 5:17 pm
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