DIY: Homespun Black and White Tabletop

Project and Photos By: Mary Swenson
A black and white color combination is ultra-classy and and adds a formal touch to any event - especially a wedding. Our table embraces all that works so well with black and white, but with a few extra touches that take the edge off this tried-and-true color scheme.
Plain white dinner plates and a crisp white tablecloth create the canvas for our table.
A black and white gingham fabric runner, matching napkins, and empty, labeled jam jars add just the right amount of black accents.
The finishing touch? Flat wooden ovals from a craft store that we painted black and personalized with a white paint pen.
We love the black and white labels on these jam jars, and when filled with a few fresh, subtly-colored blooms, they make they perfect vessels for a casual, no-fuss centerpiece.
The pale green flowers add just the right touch of freshness and don't compete with the black accents on the table.
Line several flower-filled jars down the center of a long table, or cluster them in the middle of a round table for maximum effect. (Bonus: Guests can take them home as favors!)
A bouquet for the bride or a bridesmaid can easily be made to match your theme - simply gather flowers into a tight cluster, remove any extra leaves, and wrap the stems tightly with a piece of gingham fabric.
Put all of these details together and the result is a table that looks modern and sophisticated, with a homey touch!
Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:21 pm
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