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DIY: Mini Holiday Wreath Stir Stick

Project and Photos By: Brittni Mehlhoff
Bring some holiday spirit to a festive cocktail hour with miniature holiday wreath stir sticks. This playful decoration for your signature cocktail will spark conversations amongst guests, guaranteed. Not to mention, it's also a great addition to hot cocoa at the end of a winter evening reception.
floral wire
scissors + wire cutters
small (fresh) florals
fresh rosemary or christmas tree trimmings
washi tape
stir sticks or lollipop sticks
Step One:
Bend a 7-10 inch piece of floral wire on one end to form a circle shape and secure the loose end to the remaining wire. It should look like a lollipop. Begin threading stems of rosemary or christmas tree trimmings through the circle and secure with additional wire along the way. This will form a miniature wreath. Cut off most of the excess wire that is hanging below your wreath shape, leaving about an inch of it to attach to the stick.
Step Two:
Begin adding small blooms in a couple of places and secure with floral wire.
Step Three:
Attach your finished wreath to a stir stick or lollipop stick with washi tape. Add a string bow if desired.
Step Four:
Place the mini wreath stir sticks in a festive cocktail or hot cocoa and enjoy!
Last Updated: December 23, 2013 at 9:34 am
Tags: DIY, Party ideas
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