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DIY: Miniature Tree Decor


Project and Photos By: Danyelle Mathews

Creating décor to evoke the woodsy feel you are dreaming of for your wedding couldn't be easier! This little forest of trees can be used just about anywhere in your venue. From centerpieces, to the dessert bar, your friends and family will be charmed by these darling trees.
plastic bottle brush trees
tree branches
small saw
power drill
glue gun
glue stick
Step One:
Remove the plastic base that comes attached to your bottle brush trees by simply giving them a gentle tug.
Step Two:
Gather thick tree branches and saw into varying heights, for the trunks.
Step Three:
Using your power drill and a small bit, drill a hole into the center of each tree branch stump.
Step Four:
To attach the bottle brush tree, fill the hole in the stump with hot glue and place the bottom of the tree inside the hole.
Your little forest of trees can be made into place cards by attaching guests names with twine.
Alternatively, add a little thank you note and give the minis away as winter favors.
Last Updated: August 21, 2014 at 3:34 pm
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