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DIY: Modern Paper Vases


Project and Photos By: Victoria Hudgins

Take your planted herb mason jars that were trendy last year and give them a bright modern touch for spring with this super easy (and crazy inexpensive) paper vase project!
To make these polygon vases you will need planted herbs and small vases of flowers + scrapbook paper. You will need one piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper for each vase you want to cover. Measure the height of your vase and cut the paper horizontally at this mark.
Step One:
Start by gathering all your vases, herbs and flowers. Use different size vases for added artistic touch. The best part of this project is that it doesn't matter what your vases look like. I used a bunch of mason jars, but glasses and thrifted vases will all look just as great when covered.
Step Two, Three, Four:
Begin folding the paper into itself, making eight creases of equal distance. First fold half way, then again and again.
Step Two, Three, Four (cont.)
You should be left with a 12 inch long piece of paper folded 8 times; this will sufficiently cover a mason jar or any vase of smaller width. For wider vases, combine two papers together.
Step Five:
Overlap the ends. Use double sided tape or a thin layer of glue to attach them together. This will leave you with seven folds showing, a heptagon. Cut one fold off if you would prefer a thinner hexagon.
Stand up your paper vase and slide the actual vase inside.
Display Tip:
Layer sizes and bright primary colors for a look that will be very timely for spring. 
Display Tip:
On a long table, combine 10-12 of the vases and you won't need much else to center the table.
Display Tip:
On a circle table make a grouping of fewer vases (5-6) for a graphic center!
Last Updated: October 8, 2014 at 4:29 pm
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