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DIY: Piped Flower Cake

Project and Photos by Erica O'Brien
Piped flowers are perfect for everything from backyard weddings to bridal showers to formal affairs. Although they had fallen out of favor during the height of the fondant craze, piping has made a huge comeback. You can use any buttercream recipe you like, but we prefer Swiss meringue buttercream. Because it's made with real butter, it has a slightly yellow tint, so be sure to practice on a small batch before adding lots of color.
What You’ll Need:
  • Small (8” or 10”) piping bag fit with leaf tip (such as Wilton tip 68)
  • Large (18” or larger) piping bag fit with small star tip (such as Wilton tip 1M)
  • Ivory, light pink, dark pink and leaf green buttercream
  • Large icing spatula
  • Small icing spatula
To fill the piping bag, fold the top third over your hand.
Use small icing spatula to fill small piping bag about half full with leaf green buttercream.
To fill large piping bag, open base of piping bag wide so tip is visible. Think of interior of piping bag as a circular (pie-shaped) cavity divided into thirds.
Fill large piping bag with ivory, light pink, and dark pink buttercream, placing each color to fill only one third of the interior of the pie-shaped cavity in the piping bag.
Twist piping bag to create pressure on buttercream. Hovering above cake surface, squeeze piping bag until full star is formed. Release pressure so buttercream ceases to flow and lift up and away from cake
 Repeat shape directly touching previous shape.
Continue on top and side of cake creating a round, piped mound. Continue creating round piped mounds around edge of cake.
To create leaves, twist piping bag to create pressure on buttercream.
Hovering above cake surface, squeeze piping bag until buttercream starts to come out. Gently touch buttercream to cake surface to adhere. Gradually release pressure while pulling away to create a pointed leaf.
Last Updated: January 27, 2015 at 3:07 pm
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