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DIY: Pretty Painted Glass Centerpieces



By: Carly Taylor
Spring weddings should be easy to enjoy with pretty flowers taking center stage. These painted glass vases will give your tables a subtle design edge with even just a few floral stems.
Collect many different glass vases from thrift stores, left over bottles, etc. Purchase a couple of water-based paints in the colors of your choosing. (hint* you can even bring an item or fabric into the hardware store for them to match a color for you).
In a large basin, mix 4 cups paint with 1 cup water, stir well.
Begin taping off your vases to the level you would like the paint to reach. Vary the levels on your vases for a pretty aesthetic.
Dip the vases into the paint and swoosh to cover the entire bottom portion.
Turn the vases over on a drop cloth, and allow at least 24 hours dry time.
Peel off all tape and using a damp paper towel, remove any residue paint (since your paint was mixed with water it will come right off).
Leave your edge straight for a clean look or you can make a jagged edge for added effect.
Set your vases somewhere dry and let the paint set for another 48 hours before using.
The possibilities are endless for color combinations!
Fill with a few stems and group for very pretty table arrangements.
{Photos By: Carly Taylor}
Last Updated: December 12, 2015 at 12:15 am
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