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DIY: Pretty Personalized Vases


Photos By: Jordan Ferney

This project is super simple and very inexpensive. In the end, your guest will have an adorable little personalized vase with her name in a pretty font! The best part is- if you can get the jars for free- its pretty much just the cost of the flowers and a $5 paint pen. So great!

  • Glass Jars (we used French yogurt jars but baby food jars would work great.)
  • Wire (if you are going to hang them)
  • Wirecutters
  • Very Fine Paint Pen for glass (can be bought at a craft store.)
  • Tape
  • A list of your guests names printed out 2" in width. We used the font Lobster.
  • Flowers

Step One:
Make sure your jars are clean. Then tape the name you want to trace against the inside of the glass jar.
Step Two:
Taking the fine point glass pen, trace the name.

Step Three:
Remove the paper, then touch up any spots that need it.
Step Four:
If using as an escort card, write in the table number.
Step Five:
Add some flowers to each jar and display them on a table!
Display Ideas:
You can also display the vases on a wall or bush. If you go with this option, just add some wire to hang it.


Last Updated: May 22, 2015 at 9:40 pm
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