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DIY: Simple Pine Cone Accents


Photos By: Mary Swenson

Simple, rustic pine cones are perfect to use in a fall or winter wedding. These budget-friendly accents are seasonal without being kitschy, and add an element of warmth and charm to your event decor. Here are a few ways to incorporate them into your day!
Pine cones are great additions to any floral arrangement. We kept our flowers light-colored and simple so that the pine cones didn't get lost, but they work with virtually any color scheme!
You can find pine cones attached to a stick at florists and craft stores, which make it easy to pop them into your arrangement. You can also twist floral wire around the base of the pine cone, and then use that to attach the pine cone to the stem of the flower.
Forgo centerpiece flowers altogether by filling up glass containers with pine cones, or use these mock arrangements as inexpensive fillers for other areas of your event: a buffet table, the bar area, the gift table, or any spot that needs something extra!
Use pine cones for super-easy place cards that also double as favors. We jazzed up small pine cones with faux snow spray, and glued a small piece of ribbon to the tops with name tags looped through.
Group the finished pine cones on a tray or a table, or get creative and hang them from a large branch or mini-tree.
If you're passing out glasses of wine or champagne, or setting out stemware en masse for your guests, using tiny pine cones as an accent on each stem of glassware is a sweet detail!
We used a hot glue gun to adhere clear twine to the tops of each pine cone, and let them dry. Then we tied the pine cone around the base of each glass and trimmed off the excess twine. 


Last Updated: August 20, 2015 at 10:36 pm
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