DIY: Striped Sprinkle Cake


Project By: Erica Obrien

Photos By: Cory Obrien
Here's what you'll need (clockwise from left):
  • food-use only ruler
  • small sprinkles or nonpareils (available at most crafts stores)
  • piping gel (available at most crafts stores)
  • tapemeasure
  • small flexible cup
  • petal dust in desired shade (we like Crystal Colors brand)
  • food-use only paintbrush
  • ziplock bag
Step One:
Remove shaker cap from sprinkles.
Step Two:
Empty into ziplock bag.
Step Three:
Pour a small amount of petal dust into bag. (Remember you can always add more, so start with a little).
Step Four:
Shake the bag until dust is evenly distributed and desired depth of color is achieved.
Step Five:
Using tapemeasure, determine the spacing and width of stripes.
Step Six:
Dip paintbrush in piping gel.
Step Seven:
Using ruler as a guide to acheive a straight line, brush a generous amount of piping gel onto cake with short, even strokes.
Step Eight:
Repeat on the right side of line.
Step Nine:
Empty colored sprinkles into small cup.
Step Ten:
Gently pour sprinkles onto cake.
You will have many extra sprinkles. Pour onto a sheet of parchment creased in the middle and pour back into small cup. Repeat process until all lines are finished.
Enjoy your chic, striped creation!
Last Updated: October 25, 2014 at 3:42 pm
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