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DIY: Yarn Pom Poofs


Photos by Carly Taylor

Perhaps one of the easiest projects you can create, these yarn poms when done in bulk will lend a dramatic flair to your ceremony or reception area for a very minimal investment!
Design them to coordinate with your wedding colors. They will look great on a cake, above the dance floor or as the backdrop to an altar.
  • Yarn in varying colors to match your wedding decor
  • Scissors.
1. Using your middle three fingers begin to wrap the yarn around in a circular motion.
2. Wrap a thick layer of yarn, about 50 loops for a medium sized pom.
3. Carefully pull the looped yarn off your hand, keeping it in its wrapped shape.
4. Using the long end of the yarn, wrap it around the center of your looped yarn 3-4 times, pull to tighten.
5. Cut the end of the yarn off and tie a small knot around the center of the loop.
6. Starting at one end, begin cutting the yarn down the center of the loops. Cut all the way around the circle you have created.
7. Fan the pom out on all ends to create an even poof for the ball.
8. The poms are easy to hang using fishing wire tied around the center loop you created.
9. How sweet is this pom pom cake!?
Photos by Carly Taylor
Last Updated: July 12, 2015 at 8:27 pm
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