Monogram Bridesmaid Gifts


8 completely customizeable gifts your bridesmaids will actually use after your wedding day. 

1. Decorative Dish 

c wonder plate

This pretty plate is the perfect spot to place jewelry before slipping into bed. Monogram glass plate, $12 at C. Wonder

2. Rose Gold Necklace 

olive yew initial necklace

Olive Yew's simple script letters are sweetly elegant. Rose gold initial necklace, $47 at Olive Yew

3. iPhone Case 

monogram iphone case

Comes in multiple preppy designs and colors. Emily Ley monogram iPhone case, $48 at Design Darling

4. Signet Ring 

signet ring

If she doesn't already have one, a personalized signet ring is an accessory she'll keep forever. Lucky for you, this one rings up under $75! Monogram signet ring, $62 at BaubleBar

5. Running Shorts 

monogram running shorts

For the athletic bridesmaid. Coastal Link running shorts, $32 at Dixieland Monogram

6. Asymmetrical Necklace

maya brenner initial necklaces

The off-center look is totally trending right now. Asymmetrical necklace, $220 at Maya Brenner

7. Personalized Stationery 

minted stationery

Put her name on a stack of notecards! Minted has hundreds of cute options—we like this simple script. $35 for 15 at Minted

8. Canvas Travel Bags

laundry bags

Perfect for packing shoes, accessories, and dirty laundry when she travels. $88 for a set of three at Iomoi

Last Updated: January 22, 2014 at 11:14 am
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