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Wedding Favor Alternatives that Will Wow Your Guests


We get it. Mini bags of candy and kitschy beer coozies aren't for everyone—and that's OK! If you're skeptical when it comes to wedding favors, there are more than enough alternative options out there. Our general advice: stick to something experiencial/edible. Guests are more likely to opt into the favor if they feel it's part of the wedding process, and, as far as edible goes, we bet they're going to be hungry after boogeying down on the dance floor :)

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1. Fast Food 

fast food wedding favor

Photo by Troy Grover Photographers 

Have your wedding planner/a helpful guest discreetly place a tray of burgers and fries at the exit door. Guests will be glad to have something yummy to help them soak up the alcohol—and this keeps them from having to make the late-night run themselves! 

2. Making a Donation 

Photo by Spindle Photography 

Put the money you would have used on wedding favors towards a cause that's near and dear to your heart—guests will be touched that you're contributing to the common good in their honor. 

3. Send-Off Tools 

bubble wand wedding favors

Photo by Melissa Copeland Photography 

Hand out bubble wands or sparklers towards the end of the night, and tell guests to use them as you make your getaway. They'll be instantly more inclined to use them if they know it helps to make your day special! 

4. Surprise Food Truck 

food truck at wedding

Photo by This Modern Romance

Go one step further with the late night snack idea and have your favorite food truck show up! This foodie trend will provide some truly memorable fuel for the wedding after party. 

5. An After-the-Fact Favor 

photo wedding party favors

Photo by This Modern Romance 

This idea works best for a smaller wedding: Browse through photo booth photos and find your favorite of each guest. Include the shot in your thank you note to them, or simply write your thank you note directly on the back of the pic. 


Last Updated: May 17, 2014 at 8:12 pm
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