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15 Non-Floral Bouquet Ideas


Photo: Dixie Pixel

Whether you're all about DIY, are planning an eco-friendly wedding or are just looking for a fun, unique alternative to traditional flowers, you've come to the right place! We've rounded up fifteen fabulous, flower-free ideas that are sure to wow your guests. Here are some of our favorite non-floral bridal bouquets for your inspiration.

1. Vegetable Bouquet

Photos (from left): Cluney Photo, Amanda K Photo Art

A fresh spin on the garden wedding style!

2. Ceramic Bouquet

Photos: Jessica Lorren

Gorgeous, glossy, hand-painted blooms.

3. Air Plant Bouquet

Photos (from left): Caroline Tran, The Nichols

We're loving this fresh, exotic look!

4. Balsa Wood Bouquet

Photo: This Modern Romance

With these intricate hand-carved details, you can hardly tell these balsa blossoms from the real thing. 

5. Pinwheel Bouquet

Photo: Katelyn James

What fun to have these cheerful colors and playful patterns twirling in the breeze during an outdoor ceremony!

6. Berry Bouquet

Photos: Daniele del Castillo, Meg Perotti

Go with a berry bouquet for a big, bold burst of texture.

7. Crepe Paper Bouquet

Photos: Joielala Photographie

How amazing are these giant crepe paper roses? Talk about making a statement!

8. Cotton Bouquet

Photos (from left): Dixie Pixel, Perez Photography

Incorporate raw cotton into your bouquet for a lovely rustic look.

9. Wheat Bouquet

Photos (from left): Heather Hawkins, Amanda K Photo Art

Dried wheat is such a simple way to achieve amazing texture!

10. Cloth Bouquet

Photos (from left): Heather Kincaid, Daniel Kim

Mix and match pretty patterns for a completely customized look.

11. Lace Bouquet

Photo: Ulmer Studios

A lovely choice for a shabby chic or vintage style bride!

12. Paper Bouquet

Photo: Leila Brewster

Create vibrant arrangements that will never wilt! 

13. Brooch Bouquet

Photos (from left): Shea Christine, Apryl Ann

What could be more glam than a cluster of sparkling jewels?

14. Ribbon Bouquet 

Photos (from left): Caroline Joy, Joielala Photographie

Fresh, fun and oh-so festive!

15. Feather Bouquet

Photos (from left): Desi Baytan, Keith Cephus

Channel a little 1920s glam with an elegant fluff of feathers.

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