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9 Creative Bridesmaid Bouquet Ideas


Here at PW, we're big fans of weddings in which the bridesmaids carries something a little different from the bride—and we're even bigger fans of bridesmaids carrying something different from flowers altogether! Not only does this cut down on flower costs, but it also lends a unique level of texture to wedding party photos. Nine of the most unique ideas we've come across follow below—here's to hoping they inspire you! 

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1. Pinwheels 

pinwheel bridesmaid bouquets

Photo by Katelyn James

A fun, festive idea for a preppy summer wedding. 

2. Dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher bridesmaid bouquets

Photo by onelove photography

The ultimate boho-chic wedding accessory. 

3. Wheat 

wheat bridesmaid bouquets

Photo by onelove photography

Sounds weird at first—but it totally works! 

4. Fabric Flowers

fabric flower bouquets

Photos by Abby Grace and Melissa Copeland

Fabric flowers last forever—and double as a wonderful keepsake from the wedding. Gift each bridesmaid a pretty vase to store them in at home! 

5. Porcelain Flowers

plastic flower bouquets

Photo by Jessica Loren 

Another excquisite-looking keepsake idea for your 'maids to cherish long after the wedding. 

6. Single Stems 

Photos by Jose Villa and Theo Milo 

These can be paper flowers or regular blooms—either way the effect is absolutely striking when paired with a fuller bride bouquet! Head here for even more single stem inspiration. 

7. Ribbon Streamers 

ribbon streamer bouquets

Photo by Ariane Moshayedi

This is more of a fun idea for what's below the bouquet. Wrap stems in multiple ribbons, and use different shades for the bridesmaids.

8. Strictly Greens

green bridesmaid bouquets

Photo by Melissa Oholendt

Fun for an eco-friendly wedding—or for a couple that just really likes the shade!

9. Shoots

winter bridesmaid bouquets 

Photos by Melissa Oholendt

You know those interesting looking berries and leaves that typically surround flowers in a bouquet? Well, why not create arrangements using just those? Clearly the effect is jsut as striking. 


Last Updated: March 28, 2014 at 11:01 pm
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