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14 Creative Ways to Display Wedding Flowers


Photo: Joielala Photographie

If you're looking for great ways to add creativity and originality to your wedding decor, try mixing up your floral arrangements a bit. Think outside the vase with these fun, unique ideas for displaying your wedding blooms.

1. On a door frame

Photos (from left): Leila Brewster, Caroline Tran

Create a whimsical ceremony scene with a vintage door frame embellished with fresh flowers. 

2. Inside lanterns

Photos (from left): Laura Leslie, Ulmer Studios

Nestle your floral arrangements inside lanterns for perfectly pretty centerpieces. 

3. On the ceiling

Photo: Samuel Lippke

There is little more enchanting than a lavish cascade of blooms like this one.  

4. In birdcages

Photos (from left): Greer G. Photography, Desi Baytan

Whether they spill from within or perch on top, flowers complement these vintage accents perfectly.

5. In test tubes

Photos (from left): Ali Harper, White Rabbit Studios

Clever, offbeat and elegant.

6. In drawers

Photos (from left): Caroline Tran, Meg Perotti

A brilliant way to add big bursts of blooms without taking up precious tabletop space!

7. In seashells

Photos (from left): KT Merry, Landon Jacob

A lovely way to incorporate seaside style for a beach wedding.

8. On chandeliers

Photos (from left): Amanda K Photo Art, Clary Photo

Decorate chandeliers with flowers and greenery for that floaty, romantic look. 

9. Inside frames

Photos (from left): Kina Wicks, Lane Dittoe

Place stems into chickenwire for a simple, unique DIY flower arrangement.

10. In paper cones

Photo: 13:13 Photography

Bundle them together for unique centerpieces and allow guests to take individual cones home as favors at the end of the evening.

11. In watering cans

Photos (from left): Cluney Photo, n.Barrett Photography

A fun, festive idea for a rustic garden wedding!

12. In teacups

Photos (from left): Kailey Michelle Events, Erin Hearts Court

Such a charming idea for a shabby chic tablescape!

13. On shutters


Photos (from left): Ruth Eileen, Laura Murray

Tuck flowers into shutters for pretty backdrops, escort card displays, or photo displays.

14. On a tiered stand

Photos (from left): Lexia Frank, Lisa Lefkowitz

Make a grand statement with multiple levels of flowers!

Last Updated: August 22, 2014 at 1:29 am
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