Top 3 Bright Bride Bouquets


Photo by Lauren Gabrielle Photography

Want to head down the aisle with a bundle of bold, vibrant blooms? The incredible, mesmerizing hues in these bridal bouquets certainly grabbed our attention! Here are our three favorite bright bouquets for your inspiration.

1. Pink, Purple & Yellow Bouquet by Just Fresh Concepts 


Photo by Denise Lin Photography

This showstopping bouquet features perky purple lisianthuses, giant hot pink peonies, and sunny yellow ranunculus and yarrow accents.

2.  Coral and Fuchsia Bouquet by A Charming Fete

Photo by Lauren Gabrielle Photography

With its pretty mix of coral, magenta and peach cabbage roses, a spiky, exotic plum colored protea, and bunches of vivid, squiggly coxcomb, this bouquet packs some irresistible color and texture.

3. Yellow, Pink and Red Bouquets by Bows & Arrows

Photo by Squaresville Studios

We can always count on poppies for a brilliant dose of color! Add cheerful acacia, sunny yellow tulips and lush pink peonies to the mix and you have yourself a winner.

Last Updated: October 29, 2013 at 10:34 pm
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