Top 8 Fall Wedding Flowers


Photo: Delbarr Moradi

One of the many great perks of being an autumn bride is the ability to take advantage of all the rich hues and gorgeous textures the season has to offer. Here's a roundup of our favorite fall wedding blooms for your inspiration! 

1. Dahlias

Photos (from left): Melanie Duerkopp, Heather Hawkins

These festive flowers are available in a wide range of colors from bright, perky hues like apricot and magenta to deep shades like aubergine and burgundy.

2. Chocolate Sunflowers

Photos: Jose Villa

Distinguished by gorgeous earthy tones of gold, bronze and brown,  these blooms radiate rustic charm and make a perfect addition to any autumn arrangement.

3. Gerber Daisies

Photos (from left): Josselyn Peterson, Anna Delores Photography

With their large open faces and striking colors, these bursting blossoms are so cheerful and refreshing!

4. Mums

Photos (from left): Jackie Wonders, onelove Photography

Embrace the fall season with large, bursting fuji mums, fluffy football mums, or mini compact button mums.

5. Chocolate Cosmos

Photos (from left): Lisa Lefkowitz, Bows & Arrows

These dark, dramatic blooms are perfect for adding contrast and dimension to your bridal bouquet. 

6. Orchids

Photos (from left): Allyson Magda, Jodi Miller

With their lovely maple color, these cymbidium orchids are great choice for incorporating a touch of autumn.

7. Calla Lilies

Photos (from left): Caroline Tran, Courtney Bowlden

Hearty, elegant calla lilies are available in stunning fall colors like deep orange, dark purple, and ruby red.

8. Roses

Photos (from left): Stacy ReevesDelbarr Moradi

A bouquet of orange, peach or purple roses is a perfect choice for classic brides!

Last Updated: April 3, 2014 at 11:00 am
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