Taking Care of your Engagement Ring

Now that you're engaged, it's important you learn how to take care of your ring. Here's how. (expert advice)
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When it comes to engagement ring care, you'd be surprised how many women overlook the importance of ring upkeep. Just imagine – you are faithfully brandishing your ring on a daily basis with all of the everyday wear and tear that comes with your regular activities.

Whether you're scrubbing caked on grease from last night's dinner or planting seeds in your garden, chances are your engagement ring has been right along for the ride. In order to rid your precious ring of unwanted dust, dirt, and yes…dead skin particles that have come in contact with your ring, commit to memory the following engagement ring care tips:

Cleaning: For diamond engagement ring care, simply soak in warm water for at least 30 minutes using a liquid detergent. Another method for engagement ring care regarding diamond settings involves soaking your ring in a solution consisting of 50 parts ammonia and 50 parts cool water. Once out of the solution, use a soft brush to tap the front and back of the ring, in hopes of loosening any dirt. Rinse again in the solution, and then pat dry.

Wedding Ring Prongs: Engagement ring care also means that you should treat ring prongs to a bit of tender loving care. Over time, they can become weakened, bent or loose. Check your stone by holding it up to your ear and slightly tapping it. A loose stone will produce a slight rattling sound. To prevent loss of your stone, have a trusted jeweler inspect your engagement ring, provide a professional cleaning, and look over your prongs.

Storage: When not wearing your diamond engagement ring, carefully store in a separate jewelry case or individually lined compartment, which keeps diamonds from rubbing against other pieces of jewelry. This can produce a scratch.

Protection: If you engage in hard labor on a routine basis, follow the important engagement ring care tip of simply taking off your ring when doing activities, such as operating heavy machinery or construction work. This will help avoid breaks, splits, cracks, and looseness. Keep in mind that even digging in the ground while gardening can cause damage to an engagement ring – there's a lot of rocks hidden in the dirt!



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