14 Creative Escort Cards


Fun and unique ways to guide your guests to their tables! 

1. Magnetic Field

  Photo by Kurt Boomer Photography


A modern twist on the refigerator magnet, this is a fun way for guests to find their seats.  

2.  Dog-loving Cards

Dog cards

Photo by Caroline Tran Photography

Animal lovers, let these precious pooches capture the hearts of your guests. 

3. Rustic Keys

Key Cards

Photo by Christa Elyce Photography

Your guests hold the key to their seats with this adorable DIY touch. 

4. Clothes Line

clothes line

Photo by Jeff Loves Jessica

Put a twist on this old-fashioned drying technique by using it as a modern way for guests to find their tables. 


5. Flower Pots

Flower Cards

Photo by Jodi Miller Photography

Bring your reception to life with springtime pastel flowers and fancy calligraphy to get people into their seats.

6. Luggage Tags

luggage tags

Photo by KT Merry Photography

Transform never-before used luggage identifiers into escort cards, the perfect accent to a rustic southern wedding. 

7.  Dangling Diamonds


Photo by Landon Jacob Photography

Hang paper cut-outs with ribbon from the branch of a tree over head and have guests search for their names. 

8. Brown Paper Packages 

Photo by Millie Holloman Photography

The calligraphy on each packaged escort card adds a touch of elegance to a rustic display. 

9. Chalk It Out

Photo by Hello Studios Photography

These easy, mini blackboards are a creative touch for a DIY-inspired wedding. 

10. Go Graphic


Photo by Amelia Lyon Photography

These bold graphic designs will catch the eys of your guests and allow them to easily find their name and number. 

11. Lock It Up

Lock It Up

Photo by Meg Perotti Photography

Your guests can unlock the mystery of their seat all on their own with these glam lock & key sets. 

12. Mini Compass

Mini Compass

Photo by Millie Holloman Photography

This mini compass will be essential in finding the proper seat, especially if you've got a lot of of guests and tables to maneuver.

13. Plane Tickets

Plane Tickets

Photo by Spindle Photography

A fun idea for a destination wedding or couples who caught the travel bug, give guests one-way tickets to their assigned tables. 


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