3 Invitation Designers You Must Know


no. 1 Bliss & Bone

With a newly launched collection for 2013, we couldn't be more excited to introduce you to Bliss & Bone

LA-based designer, Cindy Phillips Skanderup, has created edgy, modern styles that have luxury and sophistication written all over them. 

Why you need to know Bliss & Bone: Expect stellar presentation, unique materials and even matching websites (!) 

Above:  The Effloresce Collection by Bliss & Bone

Above: The Lucent Collection by Bliss & Bone

Above: The Prana Collection by Bliss & Bone


no. 2 Julie Song Ink

If whimsical watercolors, romantic scripts, and dreamy custom designs are your bag, Julie Song is your girl. 

Why you need to know Julie Song Ink: Her creative approach and fresh style will leave guests utterly impressed and at the edge of their seats for the big day. 

Above: Custom Citrus Design by Julie Song Ink

Above: Custom Lavender Design by Julie Song Ink

Above: Custom Bohemian Floral Design by Julie Song Ink


no. 3 Momental Designs

For Kristy Rice, art is not an act, but a lifestyle. Pure, hand-painted poetry pours thru in her distinctive, unforgettable stationery. 

Why you need to know Momental Designs: For a stationery suite that has that 'extra extra special' something to mark your matrimony, Kristy pours herself into every detail. 

Above: Custom Paper Suite by Momental Designs; Photo by Shane East Photography

Above: Old Hollywood Save the Date by Momental Designs; Photo by Shane East Photography

Above: Pantone Emerald Suite by Momental Designs; Photo by Swoon Over It Photography


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