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5 Fun Table Names


It's the little details that guests will notice during the wedding reception (besides the food and drinks), which means your table names are no exception. You could take the easy route and do numbers but show off you personality as a couple with names. Here are 5 examples: 

Cities and States - Do you both love to travel? Show your guests your favorite vacation spots! See more of Amber & Brett's real wedding here

Photo: Weston Neuschafer Photography 

Sports - Whether it's football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, or tennis, use professional player's last names. See more of Lydia & Bill's real wedding here

Photo: Genesa Richards Photography

Biblical Virtues - Faith, respect, joy, compassion, perserverance, humility, hope, gratitude -- the options are endless. See more of Helen and Sam's real wedding here

Photo: Jamie Delanie Photography

Pets - If your venue doesn't allow pets on-site, then include them by having their photos instead. See more of Sara & Jeremiah's real wedding here

Photo: Jillian Mitchell Photography

Cultures - Pay homage to your families' roots by using your second language such as Spanish. See more of Rebecca and Mark's real wedding here

Photo: Shelly Kroeger Photography





Last Updated: August 21, 2014 at 5:13 pm
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