9 Unique Ways to Display Your Escort Cards


Whether you're having 50 guests or 250 guests, escort cards don't just help them find their seats; they help start a conversation. Need inspiration? Right this way:

Photo: Krista A. Jones Photography

Picture Frame - String escort cards within a picture frame to create a old-world, European vibe. 

Photos (from left to right): Orange Turtle Photography and Erin Lindsey Images

Bulltetin Board - Use different textures and shapes like fabric flowers and hearts pinned to bulletin boards.

Photos (from left to right): Richard Ellis Photography and Annie Robert Photography

Windows- Transform a window using a white paint pen to write guests' names and table numbers. 

Photo: Gray Photography

Tree Bark - Place escort cards into scored tree logs to fit your rustic theme. 

Photos (from left to right): onelove photography and Ashley Rose Photography

Vintage Keys - Wrap ribbon around keys to fit your vintage theme. 

Photo: Sarah Maren Photographers

Puzzle Pieces - Entertain your guests by giving each one a piece to your engagement picture puzzle. 

Photo: Jeff Loves Jessica 

Clothespins - Hang escort cards (or even photos) from clothespins within two wooden ladders. 

Photos (from left to right): Sharon Elizabeth Photography and Kurt Boomer Photo

Shutters - Sit shabby-chic shutters upright in a zig-zag pattern with escort cards in between slats.  

Photo: Taylor Whitham Photography

Wine Corks - Collect wine bottle corks leading up to your big day and re-purpose as escort card holders. 


Last Updated: August 20, 2015 at 10:06 pm
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