Color Palettes: Mint Green & Citrus


By: Jeffra Trumpower

Feeling lucky? How about this lovely shade of green for your wedding inspiration? We love this hue for a spring and summer wedding. A subtle color palette that looks beautiful against a vineyard, garden, or backyard setting. Ensure your reception and ceremony location doesn't have any other strong accent colors, as this light pastel will fade away quickly. Make sure to include other pretty pastels such as pinks, yellows, and oranges.  For this combination we decided to pair it with citrus hues, including lime, orange, and grapefruit, oh my!

Shoes Photo by Oz Visuals | Save Photo

Bridesmaids Photo by KT Merry | Save Photo

Paper Lantern Decor Photo by Anushe Low | Save Photo

Wreath Design by Beauty in the Making | Save Photo

Bouquet Photo by Amy Arrington | Save Photo


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