Pale Pink Wedding Color Palettes


By: Jeffra Trumpower

Pretty, pretty pink palettes!  Pale Pink wedding themes are typically seen in classic, modern, and shabby chic styled weddings. You'll often see them in a spectrum of hues, or accented by muted grays, blues, and lavender.  If you are looking for a romantic look, than a pale pink color palette is for you!   See below for some of our favorite pale pink color combination ideas. 

Pale Pink Wedding Bouquet

Pale Pink & Lavender Weddings ~

Seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter

Accent Colors: Muted grays, Blues, Lavender

Style: Classic, Modern, Shabby Chic

pale pink wedding color palettes

Reception Photo by KT Merry | Save Photo

Bouquet Photo by Erin Hearts Court | Save Photo

Ranunculus Flowers Photo by Landon Jacob, Floral Design by Fern Studio | Save Photo

Invitation Photo by NBarrett Photography, Stationery by Southern Fried Paper | Save Photo


Pale Pink, Mint Green & Gray Weddings ~

Seasons: Spring, Summer, Early Fall

Accent Colors: Muted Grays and Greens

Style: Classic, Shabby Chic, Rustic Chic

pink wedding color palettes

Ribbon Chair Decor Photo by Ryan Ray | Save Photo

Centerpiece Photo by Byron Loves Fawn | Save Photo

Bouquet Photo by Desi Baytan | Save Photo

Cake Photo by: At First Blush and Co. Events | Save Photo


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