8 Ways to Show Off School Spirit at Your Wedding


This is an especially good idea if you and your fiancé met at college. 

1. Pose With Your College Crew (and a Flag Pennant) 

wedding party

Photo by Birds of a Feather

Gather your friends from your freshman floor and Pysch 101, and get some signage in the shot! 

2. Get Married on Grounds

uva wedding

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This is an obvious one, especially if you met at college—like Kristen and John did at the University of Virginia. 

3. Name Your Tables After On-Campus Attractions 

college table numbers

Photo by Shannon Cronin

Take a cue from Julie and Pete, who met at Boston College—one of their tables was named after the school's football stadium. 

4. Honor Your Alma Mater with the Groom's Cake

Photos by Annabella Charles and Christa Elyce

Categorically the most delicious way to show off school spirit at a wedding. 

5. Bring the Band In 

boston college band

Photo by Shannon Cronin

Pete worked in secret for six months (six months!) to surprise bride Julie with a performance by the Boston College Marching Band. "As a bride, you go over every single detail of the day over and over in your head, so for me to be so genuinely surprised by something my husband had planned was truly special," she said.

6. Custom Cornole! 

college cornhole

Photos by Katelyn James Photography

Play up college rivalries at your reception with some competitive lawn games. 

7. A Color-Coded Unity Ceremony

unity ceremony

Photo by LindseyK Photography

Pick colors from your rival schools. 

8. A Pom-Pom Send-Off

pom pom send off

Photo by Erin Lindsey Images

Have guests wave pom poms with your school colors as you exit the party. 


Last Updated: January 30, 2014 at 5:19 pm
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