8 Funny Wedding Party Pictures to Pose For


Formal wedding portraits are a must for any wedding, but that doesn't mean there can't be room for a little creativity. 

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1. Caught With Their Pants Down 

funny wedding party poses

Photo by Shipra Panosian 

One sure-fire way to make portraits at a formal wedding seem less, well, formal? Lose the bottom half of the outfit! 

2. Caught With Their Pants Down, Part Two 

funny wedding party pictures

Photo by Shipra Panosian 

Lose the bride this time around. Also, let's note how proud the guy all the way on the right looks. 

3. The Basket Toss 

funny wedding party pictures

Photo by Aaron Watson Photography 

Just because your wedding party doesn't consist of former cheerleaders doesn't mean you can't steal one of their best moves. 

4. The Human Pyramid

funny wedding party poses

Photo by Andi Mans

Try this as a "warm-up" pose before you start taking more formal pictures—it'll loosen everyone up and make smiles come more naturally. 

5. Props Galore

funny wedding party pictures

Photo by Bird and the Bear

Raid the photo booth prop box for hats, signs, moustaches, whatever, then let the group get crazy. 

6. The Harry Potter 

funny wedding party pictures

Photo by Birds of a Feather 

Broomsticks! Because why not? 

7. Damnnnnn, Girl 

funny wedding party pictures

Photo by onelove photography 

You know you'll be turning heads and raising eyebrows all day—why not get photographic evidence? 

8. Behind the Barn 

funny wedding party poses

Photo by Karena Dixon Photography 

The picture pretty much says it all. 

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