Warm Up With These Cozy Wedding Ideas


Brrr. . . it's still so very cold out here! In honor (or maybe in spite of) the chilly weather, here are 10 of our favorite ways to bring a little warmth to any wedding day. 

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1. Wear a flannel shirt while you're getting ready 

bride wearing a flannel shirt

Photo by Lisa Fitts Photography 

Bundle up in an oversized flannel while you're getting your makeup done. You can even borrow one from your soon-to-be husband! 

2. Coffee and donut hole favors 

coffee and donut holes

Photo by Austin Gros Photography

Send guests off to the after after party with a miniature jolt of caffeine and sugar. 

3. Uggs! 

bride wearing uggs

Photo by MB Fotografie Design 

Such a fun portrait for snow-bound brides. 

4. A Custom Hot Chocolate Bar 

hot chocolate bar

Photo by Katelyn James

Stir-in chocolate spoons eliminate the risk of staining clothes while pouring --- and ensures that each guest can make their drink as chocolaty as they desire. 

5. Furs for everyone (in the wedding party) 

fur shrugs

Photo by Rachel Pearlman Photography

Faux fur can add a warm, luxe touch to outdoor portraits. 

6. Shawls for everyone (watching the ceremony) 

shawl wedding favors

Photo by Nataly Lemus 

If your ceremony is taking place somewhere without centrail heating (an old curch or barn, for example), consider providing shawls and hand warmers for attendees. 

7. S'more everything 

smore barsmore cupcakes

Photos courtesy of Nine Photography and The Sunday Sweet

Opt for the classic make-your-own or go for something a little more modern (hellooo s'more cupcakes!) -- either way this dessert is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. 

8. Candlelight Decor 

candle wedding decor

Photo by Annie Hosfield Photography

Instantly ups the coziness factor by at least seventy-five percent. 

9. Hot cider 

apple cider

Photo by Nine Photography

Or hot mulled wine or hot pear juice -- anything you can add cloves or cinnamon to works! 

10. A closed-in tent 

tent wedding reception

Photo by Mad Chicken Studio 

Don't want to forgo an outdoor ceremony in a colder month? Outfit a tented reception with lots and lots of heat lamps.  


Last Updated: January 8, 2015 at 4:12 pm
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