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DIY Thank You Parasols


Thank you parasols are very popular these days. Parasols are very versatile has many uses in a wedding. They can in different sizes and colors and can be used as favors, decorations and even props for photography. I purchased 5 parasols (4 white for my BM'ds) and one in Chartruse green for myself to use as props in our photos that will later be used as thank you cards (Another DIY project).

 Here is what you will need:

  • Acrylic paint & fabric paint (from Hobby Lobby $.99 per piece)

  • 32 inch parasol $ 11.50 from pearl river mart (the white ones i purchased were $5.50 per piece. You can also purchase parasols from

  • Paint brushes (purchased from Hobby Lobby)

  • Microsoft word or adobe illustrator or powerpoint 

  • Pair of Scissors and pencil

  • Tape

  • Lots of patience :-)


  1.  I wrote out thank you in Chopin script and blew it up in Adobe llustrator to 550 ppts.

  2.  I then printed out the words using my HP laser jet printer (i used the tile option on the printer dialogue box)

  3. Next, I taped the letters/words together and cut out a stencil using my scissors.

  4. I then placed the stencil behind the parasol and secured it lightly with tape. (do not use duct take or anything strong that will not come off the paper parasol once you are done with tracing)

  5.  I traced out the stencil onto the parasol. Once i finished tracing the outline, i removed the stencil from behind the parasol before painting.

  6. I then painted the outline on the parasol using the acrylic paint. I used dark brown as my paint color of choice and mixed it with 1 part of fabric paint (2:1). This paint was leftover from the stock i used for the aisle runner. Make sure paint is not too thin (it may run over) or thick (makes it difficult to paint smoothly).

  7. I let the paint dry over night and is your painted "thank you" parasol.

  8. My estimated cost for this is roughly $ 14.00 (11.50+ $2.50 for shipping) compared to $60 for a painted thank you parasol!! Approximate time i spent on this project was 3 hrs.

Note: Cost can be cheaper if using cheaper parasol at $5.50 per piece.

Here is my finished product:


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:43 am
Tags: DIY Wedding
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