DIY: Fall Cupcake Stand


From PW'er mcbride14:

DIY cupcake stand by my awesome husband.  We had a hard time looking for a fall/rustic cupcake stand that will not look like a Christmas tree.  

So we've decided to make our own and this is the design we came up with.  I love it! I didn't have to worry about getting all the cupcakes on a stand.

  • cupcake stand is 42 in. round. We put it on a 48 in round table.

  • has 3 tiers

  • tallest tier/platform is 12 inches high

  • garland and lights (orange and purple) around the whole stand and around the pillars

  • fits about 120 cupcakes including the spaces on the three wood slices

  • the stand is covered with fabric

  • the pillars are covered with burlap fabric and fall garland

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:44 pm
Tags: DIY Wedding
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