DIY: Wedding invite ornaments!


From PW'er fromcoldtofire:

I saw this on Pinterest and had to try it! It worked out so well I ended up making four: one for us, one for set of parents, and one for DH's grandparents. They're ending up as stocking stuffers :)

Here's the inspiration:

diy wedding gifts

And here is what I needed to make them:

  • glass ball ornaments (I bought a box of eight at Michael's for under $10)

  • left over wedding invites

  • X-acto knife with sharp blade

  • something to cut on

  • wedding related charm (optional)

  • ribbon

Step 1:

I used my X-acto and cutting mat to slice the invite into approximately 1/4" strips

I saw this on photo 3246091-1 I saw this on photo 3246091-2

(I also threw away some of the strips that had no writing on them - the first ball I made was a little crowded, and I think it looks better with a few less strips.)

Step 2:

I wrapped each strip around the base of the X-acto (a pen would work well too) and held it there until it maintained a curly shape on its own. Then I inserted each curl into the glass ball ornament. (Hint: Put the curls with the most important words in first, since they get pressed against the glass and are easiest to read.)

I saw this on photo 3246091-3 I saw this on photo 3246091-4

Step 3:

Fill the glass ball ornament with the curls, using your pinkie or something else narrow to poke some curls into better positions.

I saw this on photo 3246091-5

Step 4: Pop the lid of the ornament back on. You may choose to add a charm to the wire going through the lid. I found one that read "Love," but you may want the year or a symbol from the wedding day (a heart, wine glass, seashell, etc.) 

I saw this on photo 3246091-6 I saw this on photo 3246091-7

Step 5: Finally, tie a ribbon through the top, and you have your completed wedding invitation ornament!

I saw this on photo 3246091-8



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