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88 Must Have Photo List


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I found this article and had to share!

Please Note: Since most of these shots are candid, they will more likely be captured by an more photojournalistic photographer...not traditional.  (Make sure you know which one yours is!)  I highlighted the "traditional poses" in BOLD.  Let me know if I missed any!

Note: It's pretty extensive... I'm sure most photogs would like a shorter list to work with.. but at least it gives you ladies some ideas.


  • Bride's dress on the hanger or over a chair

  • Close-up of bride's shoes

  • Close-up of bride's bouquet

  • Bride in curlers or having makeup applied

  • Bridesmaids applying their makeup

  • Bride putting on garter

  • Mom and/or bridesmaids helping the bride arrange her dress, bustle the train, etc.

  • Close-up of dress details

  • Bride together with bridesmaids

  • Bride hugging mom

  • Flower girl(s) ready to go

  • Mom or bridesmaids putting finishing touches on bride, adding the veil, etc.

  • Bride spending moment alone, thinking quietly, praying or looking out the window

  • Full-length shot of bride all dressed and ready to go

  • Groom putting on tie

  • Groom with groomsmen

  • Ring bearer ready to go

  • Groom with dad, hugging or whispering advice

  • Bride and groom separately getting in the car, limo or cab


  • Groom looking out the window, waiting for the bride to arrive

  • Car arriving with bride

  • Bride stepping out of the car

  • Wide shot of ceremony space from the back

  • Guests arriving (especially if they're using special transportation like a shuttle bus, boat or even escalator)

  • Ushers helping grandparents and special guests to their seats

  • Front and back shots of flower girl/ring bearer walking down the aisle

  • Close up of details (guest book, pew decorations, etc.)

  • Groom and groomsmen waiting nervously for bride to walk down aisle

  • Guests sitting down, waiting for ceremony to start

  • Bridesmaids walking down the aisle

  • Wedding party standing at the altar

  • Bride just before walking down the aisle

  • Back shot of bride (and escort) beginning to walk down the aisle

  • Full-frontal shot of bride (and escort) walking down the aisle

  • Close-up of groom's face when he sees bride for the first time (this can be done earlier, if photos are done before the ceremony)

  • Back shot of bride and groom together at the altar with officiant between them

  • Shot focusing on bridesmaids' bouquets, lined up as they hold them at the altar

  • Close-up of each hand as the rings are exchanged

  • Close-up of bride's face, as seen over the groom's shoulder

  • Close-up of groom's face, as seen over the bride's shoulder

  • Shot of both sets of parents' faces as they witness ceremony

  • The kiss

  • Happy couple walking back down the aisle together, as married couple

  • Guests getting ready to shower the couple with well wishes (and bubbles, birdseed, etc.) as they leave

  • Bride and groom walking out of ceremony space, hand-in-hand

    BEFORE THE RECEPTION ? During the cocktail hour (These can be taken before the ceremony)

  • Full shot of bride and groom together, smiling

  • Full shot of bride and groom hugging

  • Full shot of bride and groom kissing

  • Bride being lifted or carried by groom or sitting on groom's lap

  • Close-up of couples' faces as bride is lifted, carried or sitting on groom's lap

  • Bride with her parents

  • Groom with his parents

  • Bride with groom's parents

  • Groom with bride's parents

  • Bride with bridesmaids

  • Groom with groomsmen

  • Bride with groomsmen

  • Group shot of bride, groom, family and wedding party

  • Groom leaning up against a wall with bride in front of him, kissing

  • Bride and groom walking toward the camera, holding hands

  • Bride and groom walking away from camera, holding hands

  • Bride and groom looking off in the same direction together


  • Close-up of details (place settings, name cards, etc.)

  • Close-up of centerpieces

  • Wide shot of entire room before everyone arrives, even better if taken from above

  • Any special moments during the receiving line process

  • Bride and groom's first dance

  • Groom dipping bride

  • Bride dancing with her dad -- close-up of her face as seen over his shoulder

  • Groom dancing with his mom

  • Close-up of cake

  • Bride showing her new ring to the guests

  • Bride and groom hugging guests, close-ups of faces

  • Best man (or other guests) making a toast to the couple

  • Bride and groom's faces as they listen to the toast(s)

  • Guests smiling and clapping

  • Guests dancing and cutting loose on the dance floor. (Tip: Ask for a slow shutter speed to get a blurry/focused effect)

  • Wide shot of entire room after guests arrive, even better if taken from above

  • Close-ups of guests' faces, laughing and having a great time -- lots of these

  • Groups of friends sitting together at their table or dancing

  • Bride and groom whispering to each other

  • Parents (or even better, grandparents) dancing

  • Kids dancing or playing around

  • Close-up of band or DJ

  • Bride and groom cutting the cake

  • Bride and groom feeding each other

  • Bride and groom in back seat of getaway car

  • Back of car as it drives away



    Great list!


    thanks for posting this, i just sent my photographer some that i want so this will be helpful.


    Great list! A lot of those are photos a good photojournalistic photographer would be taking anyway though, so If you're looking for that style of photography, you need a photographer that shoots in that style rather than a list to give a photographer that doesn't. 

    Your must have photos should be limited to a list of the 'posed' or still life photos like the bouquet and dress and family pics and toasts and other planned activities.


    LOVE this list... wish I would have had it during my wedding. I actually made a list and I dont think the photographer remembered to bring it so I was pretty much running the show which was totally overwhelming... I am scared we forgot so many pics... guess I will find out Saturday.


    cool! i think i'm going to copy this list. thanx!


    Wow now thats really really helpful... thank you for sharing!


    Brianne is right!  This list not what would be captured by a traditional based photographer!  Mine is in between... so I expect him to know to get all those no posed shots.  I'll make in BOLD the posed must have shots...  let me know if I miss any!


    saving now!


    great list!

    saving this thread for sure :)




    Mrs.KC, You should promote this to an article.  I was going to, but when you do it says who ever promoted it wrote the article so I figured since you are a hostess, you can promote it and take credit.  I know it has the place at the bottom that states the authors, but the title is what everyone sees first.


    promoting now! :)

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