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Is it just me or is there a poor option base when it comes to getting gifts for your FI's GM??  Guys just don't get into the frilly-ness like us ladies.  Here are some ideas that might help push you and your FI towards that "perfect" gift!

1) The Usuals  - These gifts include flasks, beer mugs or glasses, Framed photo, Gift cards, wallets and money clips, ties, cufflinks etc.   The key to make these special is personalization.  Either first names of monograms.  For gift cards, get them each one unique to their favorite store.  Don't want to personalized?  Don't feel pressured to.  But do consider a hand written thank you note! :)

2)The Sports guy - These gifts can be a lot of fun if well thought out!  Consider personalized jerseys, t-shirts, golf balls, even gym bags!  Don't forget about personalized gym shoes!!  Check out and Converse

3) The Nerdy guy - All I can say is check out  You can't go wrong!

4)The Young guy - This is the GM who's "under 21" and just isn't old enough to understand or appreciate the other types of gifts.  When picking their gift use discretion so that you don't leave them out.  Some ideas include: Personalized playing cards, caricatures, video games, vintage board games - starting @ $20... (don't knock it!)

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5)The Non-drinker/smoker guy - Not all guys are drinkers or smokers... don't forget to consider that with your wedding party.  Think outside the bar and more towards... the bookstore?  Yes, some guys love a great book!  Other ideas?  Movies and or posters, poker sets, grooming kits, or even an acre of land on Mars....(you think I'm kidding... lol)

6)The Outdoorsy guy - Does this guy love to grill out?  Most likey!  Consider getting him a grill set...heck you can personalize it with a brander of their initials!  Check out this site!  Don't forget a bottle of some local marinades or meat scrubs! Some other great ideas include: coolers, pocket knives, compasses, and sports watches.

7)The "I enjoy the occasional cocktail" guy - Yeah, we all know at least one of these guys.  Something simple like a bottle of their favorite liquour, or go all out with a membership to the "beer of the month" club.  Other considerations include: shot glass games sets (chess or checkers), bottle of wine, personalized pub sign, mini kegerator...etc.

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