Honeymoon First Aid Kit


For those of your traveling outside the country for your HM's, make sure you take pack a first aid kit just in case you or your FI begins to feel under the weather.  It's common to have some adverse reactions to food (esp. dairy) and water that our bodies are used to.  This site has some great recommendations.  Married ladies, please add on any other suggestions you may have!  TIA! 



  1. Allergies: Pack antihistamines to combat allergic reactions

  2. Constipation: Laxatives can be used in the short term to alleviate constipation.

  3. Diarrhea: If this should occur, remember to keep hydrated!  Talk to your doctor about getting prescriptions to combat diarrhea depending on where you plan to travel.  Also stock up on anti-diarrheal tablets. 

  4. Heartburn & Stomach Aide: Probably the most common ailments.  Pack an antacid.

  5. Infection & Inflammation: Discuss with your doctor if you feel you will need antibiotics during your trip.  

  6. Pain: Pack the pain killer you use the most and are comfortable with.  Remember that many different pain relievers are pain specific (cramps, migraine, joint...etc) 

  7. Safe Sex: "Don't be a fool... wrap your tool"...or his.

  8. Sores & Blisters: Pack band-aids, neosporin or antiseptic. 

  9. Sunburn: Pack sunscreen, most resorts sell them but for a LOT of $.  In case you do burn, bring aloe vera. 

  10. Thermometer, scissors, and tweezers: It won't hurt to be prepared... you never know! 

  11. Water purification tablets: Never drink the water in foreign countries unless you know for certain that it's clean.  You never know how clean it is and how your body will react.  Better safe than sorry. 



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