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Why Make a Bridesmaid Newsletter?


When it comes to wedding planning and keeping your maids informed with the latest information, it can be stressful and time consuming.  Have a bridal newsletter is fun and interactive!  Your girls are going to love the extra time you put into organizing your planning for them! 

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But why should you bother?  Here are some reasons:

A large posse

Many of you may have a small wedding party or none at all.  For those of you who have a large number... it's probably easier to send a mass text or e-mail updating your ladies to order/pickup their dresses.  But make it a little more personal and fun and send them a newsletter via e-mail or even snail mail.  The added personal touch will help them all feel extra special.


Some of your party may be too far away to really help out in the planning.  A newsletter is a perfect way of keeping them in the loop so that they feel like they didn't miss a thing!  A page of how the bridal shower went (including pics)...or a day out shopping for dresses.  Even a bio page of all the attendents so that they can each get to know each other prior to the big day!

Keeping on the same-page

Let's be honest for a min.  You're the you're really busy.  Well your attendents also have lives and are really busy!  It's hard making sure everyone can get together on a certain day to plan or just get together and hang out for wedding stuff.  Have a page in your newsletter for a calendar of events.  Plan them way ahead of time so that the girls can plan ahead. (being in such a fun format...they're most likely going to try their hardest to make it!) Add a page of contact info so that your girls know who exactly to call for what event. (MOH for bridal shower and b-party...etc)

Have fun!

Remember to keep your newsletter fun and light.  Don't make it all business!  Add a page of fun trivia... a funny "what not to do as a BM" (subtlely including necessary BM duties!!), crossword puzzles or even a personalized bridal ad on the back!  The more fun you make it, the more inclined your BM's will be to take extra care and attention towards your special day!

Templates & Designs

For those of you looking for newsletter templates...check out Microsoft Office or even create your own in powerpoint with autoshapes (that's what i did) :)




Feedback: I sent my first issue via "snail-mail" in large manilla envelopes and my maids loved them!   Due to time I had to send the second issue via e-mail and they weren't as satisfied! lol... they loved getting real "mail"! :) 

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:52 pm
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